Zirconia Charms

Zirconia Charms

They say that "all that glitters is not gold", of course not, it may be any other shiny metal or one of our many Zirconia Charms, twinkling their magical luminesces.

Enjoy our sparkling and colorful collection of Zirconia Charms in as many diverse styles as you imagination may draw in your mind to wear with any kind of thematic bracelets. They are fancy made and literally are so bewitching that you must can resist their fascinating look.

Zirconia is a white crystalline oxide of zirconium. Its more common naturally occurring form is called baddeleyite, while its cubic crystalline form is best know as "cubic zirconia" which is rarely found in nature, but widely synthesized as a simulated diamond.

Synthesized cubic zirconias are hard, optically flawless and usually colorless, however through laboratory processes it may be made in an array of varieties of different colors for sale as a gemstone.

Cubic Zirconia may be cut as a diamond or with the shape of traditional symbols such as, hearts, crosses, stars, etc. Under shortwave UV, cubic zirconia's typically luminesces a yellow, greenish yellow or beige. Under longwave UV the effect is usually greatly diminished.

Charms made with Zirconia's require the same care as any other jewelry piece, storing the pieces in a dry place avoiding extremes of temperature and humidity, keeping gemstone jewelry and gold silver pieces separated from each other to prevent scratching, particularly if the jewel also has pearls.

It is advisable to store fine jewelry pieces in soft cloth wraps, soft pouches, or plastic "zip-lock" bags that protects them efficiently, and never overcrowd your jewelry box because crowding may result in misplacing or lost jewelry if any of the smallest pieces fall unnoticed from the case.

Some Zirconia Charms have small pieces simulating diamond points so; forcing too much jewelry into a box with low capacity may bend a fragile piece or chip a delicate stone that may not be repaired.

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