Photo Charms

Photo Charms

Is there anything more personal, lovely and exciting that giving your loved ones a Photo Charm?

The greatest thing about Photo Charms is that they may be as personal as you are, making great gifts for everyone. With these Photo Charms you can use your own photo or the photo of your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, son/daughter, grandparents, friends or even your favorite celebrity, cartoon or home pet and have a gift that will not be soon forgotten.

Create your own Photo Charms is easy and it works like magic. Just select your bracelet and follow the easy directions taking in mind that delivery of custom photo charms may take additional time to process.

Most often Photo charms are made of high quality stainless steel, but it can be made with any other material. The quality of photos used in their manufacturing depend on the quality of pictures sent by the clients, except when the charm is made by selecting a picture from a pre-made online gallery, such as celebrities, rich and famous people, cartoons, etc., or when the bracelet will be made with custom text which is input is by the client but the quality is up to the manufacturer or retailer, offering in this case high quality standards as well.

Photo Charms are protected by a clear, glossy over-coating to protect them and enhance their durability. In general terms, you may wear your charm in you daily activities without the worry about rusting or tarnishing, but you must observe the same care as with any other piece of fine jewelry, particularly avoiding using charms when you take a shower or bathe with them on.

The final product varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, some of them may sell you the charms linked and other unlinked, in which case you may easily put together you bracelet. Usually each link has a spring-loaded clasp mechanism.

If you use your thumb to slide open the clasp on those two links you want to join, hooking them together at a 45? angle. This way the springs inside each link will come together into a closed position that will lock them tightly.

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