Laser Italian Charms

Laser Italian Charms

The conjuration of an extra personal touch to make your bracelet exquisitely beautiful and unique is what Laser Italian Charms offers you. A laser charm may be made with your name or the names of your beloved one, your favorite soccer team, a phrase or saying, a particular date, a quote, a symbol or a sign, or whatever you want.

Our Laser Italian Charms come in several styles and themes that you may select by browsing the available categories. Laser Italian Charms work like a charm as a present to celebrate meaningful events such as baby showers, wedding showers, newborn arrivals, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. Regardless, of the event or reason why; you will be able to create some of the most awesome masterpieces with our Laser Charms.

Most Laser Italian Charms are coated with a vivid high gloss crystalline varnish to ensure their durability, guaranteeing that they will never fade or discolor because only high resolution laser techniques are used to inscribe a perfect picture or text on charms that will show how you feel, who you love or just to express yourself.

These charms are the perfect gift to demonstrate how much you love someone, by putting your own individual message or favorite photo in your charm bracelet.

Laser Italian Charms are made by laser engraving machines that etch sayings, pictures, artwork and symbols, artwork, onto the bracelet links. The laser technique consists of engraving with accurate precision of a letter, name, symbol or figure into a stainless steel, silver or gold link surface. The result is a high quality jewelry piece which the engraving can be read clearly, because words, pictures or elements selected are burnt by the laser in a very dark grey which stands in high direct contrast to the lustrous metal.

You can wear Laser Italian Charms with confidence in their durability, because your chosen artwork is etched into the links and they will never come off guaranteeing excellent quality by just observing the basic cleaning and caring as for any other piece of jewelry.

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