Enamel Charms

Enamel Charms

Thousand of years ago when charms were used as talisman, the most beautiful Enamel Charms were made by ancient civilizations as the Egyptian along with their rich, colorful hieroglyphs and engraves. With the sorcery of the antique techniques reincarnated in modern products, the beauty of our Enamel Charms is compared with that of their ancient ancestors.

We offer one the largest selection of the most gorgeous Enamel Charms with a variety of themes including animals charms, sports charms, religious charms, engraved charms and many others including assorted charms, all of them not only a real work of art but also meeting the highest quality standards, matching the stylish bracelet of your choice. Dare to be different and enchant your world wearing Enamel Charms right now, here, there and everywhere!

The traditional Painted-enamel techniques are considered close to painting on porcelain, and they were originally developed in Limoges, France, about the year 1470. Enamel techniques progressed through the ages, modeled by inspiration and new technologies. The painting process included fire-resistant enamel paints on a charm which are burnt several times depending on the final results expected making the colors of paints vary.

In plain English, an enamel painting is a vitreous paint or decorative coating on metals such as stainless steel, silver or gold, glass, or ceramic that dries to an especially hard, glossy shine, and with a transparency of color.

Some ordinary latex, oil-modified polyesters, and oil-based paints have the same properties as true, fired vitreous enamel just by adding varnish on them, but will lose quality and shine through the passing of time. The use of these fake enamel techniques was introduced in the early 1930's to reduce costs and processing time.

Oil in enamel charms is required to enhance or stop cross-linking of the paint to achieve sufficient flexibility of the paint film during the manufacturing process, then after the enamel basis will keeps its colorful cleanliness, hardening the surface.

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