Italian Charms

Italian CharmsItalian charms

Italian charms bracelets come in 3 different standard sizes, the 7 mm is the smaller, 9 mm the medium or standard, and 13 mm the largest charm bracelet. Charm bracelets require the same cleaning and caring as all other regular pieces of jewelry, best cleaned with a gentle rub with a silver cleaning cloth routinely every week to remove dirt, body oils, and keep them gleaming as new.

The witchery in our 13mm Italian charms consist on their feasibility to be worn next to a standard Italian charm bracelet and you will be excited to know that they come in a large variety of shapes, colors and styles.

For those of you who already have an Italian charm bracelet, 13 mm Italian charms make the ideal gift, just browse our exclusive collection, or customize your own 13 mm Italian charms by adding your favorite signs, symbols, letters or whatever you want to get a unique creation!

Do not shower, bath or swim with your bracelet on, and avoid wearing it also during active sport sessions. Charm bracelets will not tarnish or rust; use a smooth cleaning cloth to cleaning off any dust and your bracelet will last for years and keep its beautifully distinctive shiny surface.

Until the last 2 decades of the 20th century, the fashion industry rediscovered the lure of the charm bracelets. Charms were out of circulation for decades and they were only found in antique stores and flea markets, most of the time undervalued making it easy to get them at very cheap prices, until the boom in collectibles back in the 1990's.

The huge demand for all kind of vintage collectibles brought Italian charms and charm bracelets back into circulation. It was estimated that a gold charm costing $10 in 1950 increased its value up to $80 or $100 for those mechanical moving parts.

starter charm braceletAt the present, it is easy to buy Starter Italian Charm Bracelet resembling vintage gold charms, however high prices for the originals remain strong, not showing signs of decline in this century.

If there is something that can do magic it is 9 mm charms, the medium Italian charm bracelets size, with them you may express your individuality and interests, or as a stylish unique gift for any occasion.

How easy it is to add and change the charms just by snapping together the charms of your choice to create your own Italian charm bracelet. Have a look at our 9 mm Italian charms today and you will feel surprised with the gorgeous variety in our quality jewelry that will express your own personal taste.

Measuring around your wrist using a regular tape measure and then adding a half an inch, will let you obtain the number of links that your charm bracelet will take to fit you. Thanks to its modularity, Italian charm jewelry will allow you to change the ending result easily, just changing again and again by removing charm links, adding others and re-arranging them.

Adult charm bracelets are measured as extra small with 16 links or 6 1/4 inches in size, small with 17 links or 6 1/2 inches, medium with 18 links or 7 inches, large usually with 19 links and measuring 7 1/4 inches, X-Large with 20 links and 7 3/4 inches, XX-Large, with 21 links and 8 inches in size, and the extra long with Extra Long with 22 and 8 1/4 inches.

Children Charm Bracelets are measured as follow: small child size, with 13 links and 5 inches in size, medium child size with 14 links and measuring 5 1/4 inches, and Large child size, with 15 links 5 3/4 inches in size. Remember that 2.5 mm is the equivalent of 1 inch.

Although these sizes are approximate and vary depending on the charms added onto each bracelet, the large size will always be 13 mm or its equivalent, 5/8 inch wide. In the United States 95% of customers wear 9 mm Italian charms.

Something that you must keep in mind is that 13 mm Italian charms are not compatible with the medium standard 9 mm Italian charm bracelets.

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